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Brain Bites - Organizing your Files (BB004)

On average office workers spend one to two hours per day looking for information. Having an organized, searchable file and folder structure makes everyone more efficient –and this course will show you how to do it
Brain Bites micro-learning courses are information-rich and convey important topics with an engaging mix of video and animation. With 5 minute video lessons and 30-minute-or-less courses, Brain Bites are the perfect tool to educate today’s busy workforce.
Topics covered include:
• Common mistakes people make in naming their electronic files
• The role of file names and folder structure in searching and browsing
• Recommendations on the best use of local, network, and cloud-based storage drives, and the pros and cons of saving to each
• Six rules to help name files appropriately
• Four rules to use folders effectively
• Using the search function on Windows PCs and Macs effectively
• Customizing the Quick Access list on a PC or the Favorites list on a Mac
• Using advanced search features to help clean up your filing system

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  • Brain Bites Organizing Your Files
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed